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I work as a computer software engineer for VT Miltope Corporation, a fairly small company that manufactures hardened laptops, primarily. Most of my working life I was a mainframe programmer/analyst, but mainframes have gone the way of the dinosaur...

Contact Me

These are the email addresses I use regularly and check pretty much every day. If you need to get me quicker than that, try one of these phone numbers:
Home: (334) 567-7016
Cell: (334) 221-6595

It's All About Me!

The short version:
My people are from North Dakota, I grew up in the Army, went to high school in Waynesville, MO, joined the Air Force in ’78, moved to Montgomery, AL, got married in ’79 (Susan), got divorced, got married in ’82 (Hsiu-Chin) to a woman with a 3-year old boy (Bobby) who thinks of me as ‘Dad’ (thank you, son), divorced in ’86, moved to NYC, got married in ’88 (Jeanie), moved back to Montgomery in ’89, had a daughter (Katie) in ’91 and another (Miranda) in ’96. Still married to Jeanie, best thing that ever happened to me!

By way of explanation of my sobriquet above: when I was a young man in the Air Force, I lived in the barracks on Gunter AFS here in Alabama. I acquired the nickname "The Oracle", primarily because I had amassed a vast amount of trivial knowledge - and didn't mind sharing it! Perhaps also because I was a know-it-all showoff? You decide...

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Sysinternals - Software & Utilities that are very useful
Great stuff from Mark Russinovich & Bryce Cogswell...

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

TJ is the man; no one else had as good a grasp (or expressed it, at least) on the fundamental meaning of liberty.


I find this amusing; what can I say?

The Mighty Crimson Tide!

There are many sites for information about the Tide; this is one of the best.

Grand Master Chung's ATF page!

This site will tell you about the ATF, my instructor (Grand Master YS Chung), and has links to quite a few of the others.

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Personal Interests

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Dave's Diatribe

Welcome to the section of my page where I get to tell you what I think about whatever's on my mind.

Here's my solution to the quandary we find ourselves in with respect to tort reform.

The problem is that we don't want to encourage powerful entities to continue to take advantage of the ordinary consumer.
That's why we have laws and (sometimes outrageous) punitive awards.
The corollary problem is that we don't want people filing outrageous lawsuits, aided and abetted by unscrupulous lawyers, filing because they have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.
So here's what we do: we don't allow the plaintiffs or the lawyers access to the punitive portion of the judgement; this only makes sense; they are still compensated legally and fairly. The punitive portion of the judgement goes to pay the city, county, state or national debt, or to some other referendum-based fund.
People still sue when they are wronged, to be compensated and to punish the evil-doers; but the ones who sue only on the off-chance of a multi-million dollar windfall don't.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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